Peter Stavisky | Background

Peter Stavisky’s professional background includes success at high levels inside of corporate America.

His passion and love of new entrepreneurial endeavors have helped propel him to these new levels.

Peter Stavisky

Peter Stavisky

The first part of Peter’s career was spent in the telecommunications sector. During this phase of his career, Peter found himself on the battle ground of deregulation, namely the Telco wars of the early 1990’s. This prepared him for the future development of Barrington Media.

Peter is recognized as the youngest Director in the company’s history.

He was promoted seven times in six years helping him to quickly escalate to the position of company Director and overseeing the New England Region at MCI Telecommunications.

He moved on to become the President of Talk America, the single fastest growing direct response marketing company ever formed managing a staff of over 750 people and $100 million in annual revenues.

In 2003, Peter Stavisky founded the Barrington Media Group and has developed it into the leading performance based radio media company in the United States by focusing directly and intensely on a strategy driven by results.