Apple iPhone Sales – Client Sales Should Be Just as Consistent by Peter Stavisky

You’d think by now the market would be saturated, and that Apple iPhone sales would begin to slow down.

But, did you see Apple’s recent press release saying that they sold 9 million new iPhones last the weekend?  Wow, talk about a great sales weekend!Apple iPhone Sales

Those are very impressive numbers for a product that’s been around for this long, even with the recent upgrade, and Apple should be congratulated.

This new record sales number is a keen reminder of the incredible potential still open for the majority of our clients, and here’s why I say that.

Barrington Media Group’s larger clients often ask us if we think the market is saturated with their messaging. They worry that they have been running at such a high frequency for a long period of time, and while results are still strong, there must be a wall they are going to hit soon.

My answer is always the same. “Don’t worry about the wall.   Look at Apple iPhone Sales.  There are always more customers out there, literally millions more, for us to convert every day.”

There’s nothing wrong with saturating the market with a good ad.  On the contrary, actually. We want the entire public to know our clients’ ads, and think to themselves when they hear them, “Man, I keep hearing that ad. That product/service must be doing really well. I need to call and get that product/service, too!”

Apple compels millions of people to buy their brand over and over.

Apple’s sales continue to grow, and their margins are as healthy as ever.  There’s no reason to not be growing your sales and margins, too.  Many years ago, people associated apple with the fruit we eat — but now Apple is the the king of smartphone sales….9MM in one weekend!

So next time you think your sales could slow — lets look at the Apple iPhone sales and ask ourselves what we need to be doing to get our sales and margins moving in that direction.