Barrington 360 by Peter Stavisky

There is more to Barrington Media Group than merely media.  The depth of our backgrounds gives us a 360 degree view point.

Peter Stavisky Barrington Media Group Performance Model

Peter Stavisky and his team at Barrington come with more than 50 years of of combined experience with media and marketing such as direct response media strategy and buying, marketing and product development, creative development, telecommunications, national along with local radio advertising and sales and call center management along with professional sports marketing.

We offer profitable results for the clients we work with because BMG fully acknowledges successful direct response campaigns and best practices for delivering them by fitting together all the needed pieces.

After many years spent in creating and refining the performance media model we use, we gladly say that we have this down cold with our Barrington 360 Degree Strategy.   It boils down to this one single equation; we take the risks and you rake in the customers. We invest with media buys while you benefit from additional customers. Repeating this ensures that you understand what is being said. We take all the risk, and you bring in the customers.

Is there any reason you would not want that? In truth, that is exactly what you wish for.

The model we use for radio is not the same as traditional radio because we are making cash media buys instead of requesting that stations run spots on their unsold inventory on a cost per call basis. You are guaranteed a cost per call which does away with any financial risk to you. We accept the risk.

There are two ways that you win using the Barrington 360 Degree strategy.  To begin with, we use quality media for our cash buys which means you get quality leads. Then, we are able to quickly scale successful test campaigns up or down as we wish. The bottom line is that when we believe we can create a successful campaign for clients, we think little of putting skin in the game because we know that we can deliver on our promises.